Client Requirements

In order to make the custom built ERP system PCI DSS compliant our client needed to replace the payment card validation and authorisation product that reached end of life with a modern and future proven payment card processing solution.

Our role

  • Conducted a thorough investigation of the current solution and recommended to integrate the current back end, front end and web applications with an online payment services provider
  • Designed business processes and application architecture for the new payment provider
  • Implemented a custom built two way integration component to enable transactionalised data processing between the client and payment service provider sides
  • Setup new custom reports to ease the daily reconciliations

Project outline

The project required rebuilding certain back end and front end software components as well as amendments to the client’s network infrastructure. It took about 9 months to deliver the solution that now processes millions transactions each year year.


  • Within 9 months the new solution was rolled out to the call centre as well as client PCs and the eCommerce website
  • Security of the ERP system was greatly improved by outsourcing of the credit card data storing and processing to the specialised payment services provider

Client feedback

It was sure a bumpy ride which required a laser-like focus on the project from each team member regardless of where they work from the UK or Ukraine. We did have to introduce one more UAT cycle to ensure the highest quality of the product but the delivery went smooth and the clients reported faster and more reliable card payment processing not to mention great improvement in security which made the card processing module PCI DSS compliant.