Payment Gateway integration

Client Requirements

Our client wanted to integrate their eCommerce website as well as call center app with an online payment gateway since their legacy self-hosted payment gateway could not ensure credit and debit card transactions were secure against data theft and fraud.

Our role

  • Designed new business processes and amended application architecture to match the new business processes;
  • Implemented a custom-built two-way integration server to enable transactional payment processing;
  • Built new reports.


  • Within 4 months the new eCommerce site and call center app went live;
  • The new software processes up to 3 million transactions each year;
  • The efforts taken towards prioritizing security has paid off.

Client feedback

The project required a laser-like focus from each team member. We did have to introduce one more UAT cycle to ensure the highest quality but the delivery went smooth and our customers immediately reported faster and more reliable card payment processing.